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The Ozone Hole 2017

ozone Hole July 15 2017


Antarctic Situation at 2017 July 3 British Antarctic Survey Ozone Bulletin

Antarctic ozone today:  The circulation is settling into its winter mode, with the polar vortex building in strength.  Ozone amounts are growing around Antarctica, whilst they are lower within the vortex. Ozone values over the bulk of the continent are between 240 and 320 DU, whilst over the southern ocean they rise to around 360 DU in places.  There are noticeable differences between the various satellite ozone measurements over Antarctica at the moment.   Temperatures in the ozone layer are cooling towards their winter values and it is now cold enough (below  -78°C) for Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC) to form over much of the continent.  Temperatures are highest around the outside of the polar vortex and decline towards the pole and towards the equator.  They are generally close to or a little below the normal.

The 2017 ozone hole:  The polar vortex has formed over the winter, isolating the ozone layer over Antarctica.  Stratospheric temperatures have fallen below -78°C through much of the ozone layer, leading to the formation of polar stratospheric clouds.  Ozone depletion is beginning to take place in sunlit parts of the vortex.